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Jernhusen Engagement Model

Design and visualization of Community Organising Model for user involvement in new urban development, with the aim of creating sustainable communities (collaboration with GivRum)

ActionAid Denmark Strategic Review

Strategic review of governance and financial models facilitated through a series of engagements and analysis, leading to recommendations for a more sustainable plan for growth of Global Platform

Holbæk Workshop

Explorative workshop to create an outline and definition around a large-scale project aimed at gathering best practices for engaging with youth

DAC Workshop: Augmented Reality

Introductory discussion at the Dansk Arkitektur Center about AR and designing physical and digital experiences simultaneously

Entrepreneurial Education for Teachers

Design and facilitation of workshops for primary teaching students from six countries to develop entrepreneurial skills and a vision for the future of primary schools

City of Experiences

Workshop to explore and experiment with the proposal of city building, first imagining the experiences of the city and then building the physical and digital landscapes from those experiences

Urban Formation

New visual identity for a Toronto urban planner

Human Centred Vernacular

System prototype to document and compile the meanings and relationships of the objects, actions, and discussions of the present in order to define the vernacular of now (with Pantopicon)

Borough of Wilkinsburg Gateway Proposal

Community gateway that continually collects and displays community narratives through augmented reality

Community Gardens at the Link

Design and construction of a radial outdoor garden for the Georgina Food Pantry, improving access to fresh produce in the community

In Your Wildest Dreams

Community event showcasing the newly redesigned public space at the Link in Sutton, inviting residents to imagine new ways to utilize the space

Harbour of the Future

Design of an evolving method of stormwater management to create new spaces for community activity

Kawarthas BBQ 2016

Annual BBQ to revisit progress at the Kawarthas community space and develop ideas around use of the new space

Forest of Possibilities

Design and construction of auxiliary outdoor community space at The Link Community Centre in Sutton, ON

Activity Archipelago

Design and construction of outdoor community space in Centennial Park, making space for both people and geese through activity islands


Proposal for the Boggs/Bailey business district in Pittsburgh that combines the virtual and physical worlds to create an immersive, augmented neighbourhood experience

20 Years of Work

Timeline documenting 20 years of work in Canada for the 20th anniversary of the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre

PanAm Games Choreography Mapping

Visual mapping of the opening ceremonies choreography

Map of Lodz

Map depicting the changing urban fabric of the Jewish ghettos in Lodz between 1820's-1940's for the Art Gallery of Ontario

Kawarthas BBQ 2015

Community event asking residents to recount their best memories of Centennial Park in Kawartha to create future plans for the space

The Link Engagements

Engagements with stakeholders to redesign the outdoor spaces of the community centre in Sutton, focused on user centred spaces and programs

Show Me Your WOW Engagements

Community driven branding campaign and public engagements to collect and promote ideas for the future of Beaverton's harbour

Buying & Selling Edmonton

Installation at The Works Art and Design Festival in Edmonton further exploring what sacrifices one makes to attain Security, Safety, Control and Identity through shelter

Pine Beach Community Engagement

Design charrettes to generate ideas for the Demonstration Centre. Scale model of site plan at event

Junction Commons

Engagement activity and presentation explaining the concept of the community hub, gathering ideas from the residents

Canada Blooms

Interactive seed wall at the Canada Blooms trade show engaging visitors to express their relationship with nature

Talking Kettle

Fortune telling installation experimenting with technology in a fun way for the annual Come Up To My Room exhibition

Buying & Selling Shenzhen Biennale

Synopsis of Markham Buying & Selling exhibition discussing the potential for global typologies to play an influential role in the future of housing

A Garbage Path

Proposal to repurpose Toronto's garbage to build a path connecting sites along the Greenline, selected as a finalist for the Greenline competition

ReWilding Design Charrettes

Engagement events generating ideas for waterfront properties around Lake Simcoe and visual report of findings

Landscape of WOW

Using upcycled objects in imagining a more sustainable future of neighbourhoods across Toronto

SPLASH! Hideaway Cafe

Fun and interactive event ecouraging people to discuss their values associated with water

Opt0ut Man

Imagining what the actual individual costs would be if a person opted out of the traditional tax system

Ugly History

Mapping, timelines and diagrams that illustrate how competing algorithms in the future could rewrite history, causing people to hoard books to try and preserve the truth of the past


Brand campaign included in a performance about the fictitious nation of Aperna

All the Parties You've Never Been Invited To

Award winning video presentation compiling clips of parties in a grid format in contrast with close ups of secondary characters from the same party scenes

ICE Design Cafe

Stakeholder engagement event to gather insights about residents' connection to water, leading up to the York social media campaign

SPLASH! Rosetta Stone

New visual system to help people understand and be more aware of the concept of virtual water

Climate Crisis Pavillion

Storefront carrying products targeted at migrants of the future as they travel to escape climate crises at the Interior Design Show

Mist Design Cafe

Stakeholder engagement event to generate ideas for storytelling leading up to the York social media campaign

York Region Social Media Campaign

Design and creation of a social media plan for water usage awareness

Migrating Landscapes

Strategic partner for MLO to create a series of timelines, visualizations and projections illustrating the influence of migration on urban development in seven major Canadian cities and nationally

Mississauga Wall Work Design Submission

Submission to City of Mississauga closed competition for an interior wall mural

Community Arts Map

Mapping community assets for the City of Markham

Lectures: Concordia, U of Manitoba, OCAD, U of Toronto

Lectures describing DoUC process and current projects for graphic design, architecture, interaction design and fine arts students

Emerging Leaders Network

Map for Emerging Leaders Network showing members' networks of civic involvement in Toronto

Timeline of DoUC

Self-reflective timeline of DoUC's previous activities

Making Headlines

Video collection of every headline mentioning Parkdale found in three major media outlet archives, presenting a condensed view of the media discussion of the neighbourhood over time

Spaces of Negotiation (Fe3C)

Sculptural installation analyzing the impacts of the 2011 USWA Local 1005 labour dispute and lockout

Main Street Express

Plan to use the energy of the Long Island Railroad ridership to re-activate downtown public spaces

Spectacular Toronto

Charting the history of 'spectacles' in Toronto from 1800-2010 for Spacing Magazine

Alexandria Inflatable Defence (AID)

Inflatable boardwalk that adapts to increasing levels of the ocean to create a protective ring around the city for the UNESCO Delta City of the Future Competition

Botanical Highway

Strategic plan for the re-use of a decommissioned highway in Italy, focusing on individualized programatic experiences

Public Extr(actions)

A five storey tower that fits in a parking space and brings private acts into the public realm.

Heroes and Guidelines: The New Urban Super-cracy

Discussion on the restrictive nature of the Urban Design Guidelines for CONDITIONS magazine