We are designers driven by curiosity, information and the human experience.


Welcome to Department of Unusual Certainties

As a studio, DoUC has always blurred the lines between the conventional practices of design, urbanism, strategy, art and problem solving. We create Structured Explorations for our clients that are driven by curiosity, and always begin by gaining an understanding of the human experience at the core of a situation.

Building up from that understanding of experiences, DoUC works collaboratively to define a process, incorporating elements of research, engagement, experimentation, communication and implementation that will best achieve the goals of the project stakeholders.

What is a Structured Exploration?
We create processes and tools for our clients and partners that ask questions, gather and analyze information, generate insight, devise strategies, prototype ideas, and lead to outcomes rooted in your organization’s vision and values.

We work with you to build out and facilitate a clear, structured process so that you are free to be curious and creative.

Some examples of past Structured Explorations have included community engagements, experience design & mapping, workshop facilitation, or prototyping and concept realization.

DoUC's objective is to use thoughtful, collaborative and research-driven design to empower transformation. We explore how the world was, is and how it could be, and share those stories.

Past clients

ActionAid Denmark
Art Gallery of Ontario
Dansk Arkitektur Center
Town of Georgina
Inuit Art Foundation
Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
Friends of the Greenbelt
Neptis Foundation
Cirque du Soliel
Harbourfront Centre
Venice Biennale